Planning and scheduling content.

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2020
Is the best time to post not convenient for you? ⁠You've looked through your insights, you've put together your content for the month...there's only one thing left to do - schedule them posts! ⁠Posting on the fly may seem like a quick and easy task but when you have a business to run, stories to post, and extra last-minute content to put together, you'll want to make sure you've scheduled your pre-planned posts.⁠ ⁠ 
Now going back to the planning stage...start with having a basic plan in place as to what you want to write about on a weekly basis. You may want to focus on something inspirational, talk about your product/service and post something educational. Once you have these set content pillars in place you'll quickly see that coming up with content becomes easier and easier and you can even leave a few gaps for 'as and when' ideas/posts come about...almost as though these would be bonus posts! 
Another one of my top tips is to google Global Observances. This is a great way of looking at meaningful days in the calendar which you can add to your strategy. Just be sure to check which are applicable to you/your business.
Once you have your plan in place you can schedule them to automatically post. There are many free content marketing platforms out there for you to use which will allow you to create, post, schedule and analyze so that you can do a little more of this....🧘🏼‍♀️
Most importantly have fun with this as the point really is to sell whilst being social!